Guernsey Marlins

Guernsey Marlins Special Swimmers Club LBG was started in 2010, and is a swimming club for children (aged 14+) and adults with a Learning Disability.

The Club aims to train the swimmers to compete on and off island, currently in Jersey and the U.K.   The Club meets every Wednesday from 5pm to 6pm during term time at the Baubigny Schools’ pool.  It is totally run by volunteers.    We do not charge for lessons, members only have to pay for their annual insurance through Swim England (currently around £40 per year).

Our Club is a very friendly and supportive place for both children and adults to enjoy a sport that they are able to do.

Our swimmers’ abilities vary from being able to get from one end of the pool to the other doing their own style of stroke, to swimming with a very good stroke that is equal to able swimmers.

For more information, please contact Graham Elwin, Chairman, or Jean Elwin, Club Secretary.