What we do!

We are a small local charity which is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We receive no funding from the States of Guernsey and are entirely dependent upon the generosity of the Guernsey public to continue our work supporting people with a learning disability.  All funds raised within the Bailiwick stay within the Bailiwick. Our recent projects include the funding of the refurbishment of 5 units of accommodation in Pedvin Street to provide independent living accommodation for 5 people with learning disabilities. We also fund and have fitted out the provision of a respite flat at La Grand Courtil, the unit is staffed by the States of Guernsey’s adult Disability Service and provides essential respite to people with learning disabilities and their carers. These are just two examples of how we continue to work in partnership with the States of Guernsey to deliver essential services to support people with a learning disability within the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Clearly these are major undertakings involving either a heavy capital cost or in the case of the respite flat an ongoing financial commitment to servicing the rental and running costs associated with the provision of the Unit. We work together with local businesses to seek to defray the costs involved with local businesses such as Co-op Homemaker, Stan Brouards, Valpys, Cycleworld, and Sure to name but a few having been supportive of our recent activities. However, if we are to continue our work ongoing funding is required and your support is not only most welcome but rather it is desperately needed. Please donate using the “Donate Now” button on this page or the home page, its quick and easy and the funds donated will go directly to ensuring we can continue to support people with a learning disability here in Guernsey.

Who we are!

Guernsey Mencap is a locally registered charity that is managed by a small team of volunteers. The committee of Guernsey Mencap comprises:

Andrew Hyde, Chairman

Nikki James, Secretary

Jo Paluch, Committee Member

Peter Fernandez, Committee Member

Mobile: 07781 166114

Email: poshrobins@aol.com

Rob Porter, Committee Member

Julie Hyde, Committee Member

The committee meets on a monthly basis. Should you wish to get involved please contact any member of the committee.